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Osman Zakir

Welcome to my portfolio page!
I am a programmer and full stack web developer (C++, WebAssembly, JavaScript, React, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Git) and I can create web applications that help companies and individuals with their work

About Me

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My name Osman Zakir. My name in most forums is DragonOsman. I'm a full stack web developer and programmer. I'm skilled in C++, WebAssembly (compiling from C++), JavaScript (including React, jQuery and Node), HTML and CSS. I also know how to use Git.

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My Projects

Here you can see some of my projects...

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Countdown Timer Application

This is my countdown timer app. The user has to choose a date and time to count down to, with the date and time field being required, and there's also a (required) field to enter the event name. There is also a button to stop the timer in addition to the for starting it.

Project Github

Local Weather App

This is a local weather app I made for Free Code Camp. It uses their weather API to get the weather data. I display the main weather info along with the weather icon, including the humidity, wind speed, wind pressure, and temperature, as well as the city and country name from the Free Code Camp weather API. This app uses HTML5 Geolocation to get the user's location. If the user doesn't provide persmission to use their location, the app will default to New York City, NY in the US.

Project Github

Random Quote App

An app I made on CodePen as a project in the Front End Libraries Projects. It's a random quotes app, using the React framework. The styling is done using Sass with SCSS syntax.

Project Github

Markdown Previewer App

This is my solution to the Markdown Previewer Project in the Front End Library Projects curriculum on FreeCodeCamp, using jQuery and Sass. GitHub-flavored markdown in the editor is rendered in the preview box below as HTML. Any changes made to the markdown in the editor are rendered to the preview as HTML as the user makes the changes. There's markdown in the editor to start with as well.

Project Github

Drum Machine App

This is my solution to the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries Projects' Drum Machine project challenge. I implemented it using HTML, Sass and jQuery. You can play the drum clips by clicking on the black drum pads, and after that you can also press keys on the keyboard to play the sounds.

Project Github

JavaScript Calculator App

This is my solution to the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries Projects' JavaScript Calculator project challenge. I built it using HTML, SCSS and React. Deployed using Vercel.

Project Github

25 + 5 Clock App

This is my solution to the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries Projects' 25 + 5 Clock project challenge. I built it using HTML, SCSS and jQuery. Deployed using Vercel. It's a Pomodoro Timer.

Project Github

ToDo List App

This is a ToDo List App project I made. I used HTML5, TypeScript, React and CSS3.

Project Github

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