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Osman Zakir

Welcome to my portfolio page!
I am a programmer and web developer (C++, WebAssembly, JavaScript, React, jQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Git)

About Me

Let me tell you a few things...


My name Osman Zakir. My name in most forums is DragonOsman. I'm a web developer and programmer. I'm skilled in C++, WebAssembly (compiling from C++), JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I'm reading the C++17 book Beginning C++17: From Novice to Professional, 5th Edition by Ivor Horton annd Peter Van Weert. I'm also doing the lessons and challenges on FreeCodeCamp. I have finished the curriculum and front-end libraries there and I'm now doing projects using a combination of SASS (SCSS) and either jQuery or React.

I know how to use Git as well. This website itself was coded on Visual Studio Code and published on GitHub Pages via Git on the command line. I followed Brad Traversy's video tutorial series on making a responsive portfolio site and changed it a bit.

I've done a few projects. I'd like to get some freelance work to gain some experience and then land a job at a tech company. Internship is fine too (at first).

I took the C++ test on TestDome (the problems marked Easy) and passed it with 100%, while getting 67% on the harder problem. I also took the "JavaScript" and "HTML/CSS and JavaScript" tests and passed them. On the latter test I had a total score of 67% (best out of 25% of test-takers).

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My Projects

Check out some of my projects...

Contact me via Facebook or email and pay through Payoneer if interested.


Google Map + Currency Converter Web Server Application

Currency converter web app with a Google Maps GUI and a web server backend written in C++. I'll be hosting the web server on my own computer and won't always be running it. This app requires the browser to ask for your location to center the map there and open the info window with the form. The app has a fall-back behavior to use if it can't get the user's location, however.

I created this app to try to give more usage experience to the Boost.Beast library. The library author said he would write a proposal paper to include the library into the standard if it gets enough usage experience (and also if the ASIO library is already in the standard by then). If nothing happens or there's an error, app is not running.

Project Github

Make-Change WebAssembly

WebAssembly application (C++). Takes a price in the range (0-100) and displays the amount of change due in dimes and pennies. Requires input just once, from a popup dialogue box. Will continue producing more until stopped (click checkbox).

Project Github

Wikipedia Article Viewer

An app I made on CodePen when taking the Free Code Camp course. It was a challenge on Free Code Camp. It shows a random Wikipedia article page when the button for that is clicked. Search button works now.

Project Github

Twitter Random Quotes Machine

An app I made on CodePen when taking the Free Code Camp course. It was a callenge on Free Code Camp. It prints random quotes from Twitter when the button is clicked.

Project Github

Countdown Timer Application

This is my countdown timer app. The user has to choose a date and time to count down to, with the date and time field being required, and there's also a (required) field to enter the event name. There is also a button to stop the timer in addition to the for starting it.

Project Github

Local Weather App

This is a local weather app I made for Free Code Camp. It uses their weather API to get the weather data. I display the main weather info along with the weather icon, including the humidity, wind speed, wind pressure, and temperature, as well as the city and country name from the Free Code Camp weathe API. This app uses HTML5 Geolocation to get the user's location. If the user doesn't provide persmission to use their location, the app will default to New York City, NY in the US.

Project Github

DragonOsman Twitch API App

This is an app I made for FreeCodeCamp that uses the Twitch API to get streamer data. It shows if a streamer is online by showing their streaming data, otherwise says they are offline. You can go to their Twitch profile page by clicking on their username.

Project Github

Random Quote App (React version)

An app I made on CodePen as a project in the Front End Libraries Projects. It's a another random quotes app, but this one uses the React library. The look is also different. The styling is done using Sass with SCSS syntax.

Project Github

Markdown Previewer App

This is my solution to the Markdown Previewer Project in the Front End Library Projects curriculum on FreeCodeCamp, using jQuery and Sass. GitHub-flavored markdown in the editor is rendered in the preview box below as HTML. Any changes made to the markdown in the editor are rendered to the preview as HTML as the user makes the changes. There's markdown in the editor to start with as well.

Project Github

Drum Machine App

This is my solution to the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries Projects' Drum Machine project challenge. I implemented it using HTML, Sass and jQuery. You can play the drum clips by clicking on the black drum pads, and after that you can also press keys on the keyboard to play the sounds.

Project Github

JavaScript Calculator App

This is my solution to the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries Projects' JavaScript Calculator project challenge. I built it using HTML, SCSS and React. Deployed using Vercel.

Project Github

25 + 5 Clock App

This is my solution to the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries Projects' 25 + 5 Clock project challenge. I built it using HTML, SCSS and jQuery. Deployed using Vercel. It's a Pomodoro Timer.

Project Github

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